What we do

We offer intermediation, mediation as well as trading and brokering services, for a wide range of commodities such as Steel Scrap, Used Rails, Wood and Wood products, Cereals, Grains and many more.

We only work with verified companies that can provide the required paperwork to guarantee their existence and intentions of purchase or supply for the commodities and materials they require or sell.

We want to help all the possible clients that contact our company, unfortunately as we all know, not everyone is a real buyer or supplier, as we have had our fair share of encounters with fake clients in the past and also with fake mandates and intermediaries.

We can take care of our clients in an orderly manner, but in order for us to do our job accordingly, we must first be sure that the people we deal with, are genuine customers and not scammers or people that think they can make a quick profit by selling or buying in the name of corporations and companies. We do not want to waste your time, so please do not waste ours.

On our website you will find an inquiry field where you can write the commodities you have for sale or the commodities you want to buy. We try and estimate how long it may take for us to find a suitable buyer/supplier for your needs so that you, the client, do not lose money and time on fake promises and fictional contracts.

We accept requests and offers from all around the world and we try to fulfill each and every one of them as best and as fast as we can. For more information on procedures and documents, please visit our information page where you may find a brochure with our company’s working procedures as well as some useful samples of documents needed.

If you have any further questions and requests please feel free to call us on the provided numbers and emails.

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